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  • Hikking Cascada del Rio de los Perros
    Duration: 2 ½ hs (departure and return)
    Drop: Mild
    Level of demand: Low

    Ideal for all guests. Short walk along the east bank of Estancia Cristina Valley.
    You will be able to admire the flora and fauna of National Park Los Glaciares..
    Arriving at the waterfall of the Rio de los Perros, you will be surprised with the outstanding views of Lake Anita, hanging glaciers, and Del Valle and Estancia Cristina.

  • Hikking Upsala Viewpoint
    Duration: 2 ½ hs (departure)
    Drop: 550 m.s.n.m
    Level of demand: Medium

    The trip begins ascending the northwest Feruglio Gordon.
    Reaching the 550 m we can observe the majestic view of the Upsala Glacier from the eastern front, exclusive of Estancia Cristina. We also see the Andes Mountains, outstanding the Bertrand hills Cono and Murallon and part of the southern Patagonian ice.
    Tour through a landscape that until recently was covered by glaciers and has a great geological interest.

  • Hikking Laguna de la Pesca
    Duration: 3 hs. (Departure and return)
    Drop: Mild
    Level of demand: Low

    Walk to the end of the valley to the north, enjoying the flora and fauna of Glacier National Park.
    You e will admire birds and lagoon of pluvial origin. You will reach Laguna de la Pesca.
    Ideal for rest and contemplation of the nature that surrounds us.

  • Hikking Del hielo Viewpoint
    Duration: 3 ½ hs. (Departure)
    Drop: 800 m.s.n.m
    Level of demand: Medium / High (difficult slope in the last 40 min.)

    Tour in which we ascend northwest through the Feruglio cordon. Reaching the 800 m.s.n.m. we can see the stunning Upsala Glacier with view of two of its fronts; the main front and the oriental side that is exclusive of Estancia Cristina.
    Besides watching and appreciating the view of The Andes Mountains, we can see Hills Bertrand, Cono and Murallón with their tributary glaciers of the Upsala Glacier and part ofthe Southern Patagonian Ice.

  • Hikking Cerro Carnero
    Duration: 4 ½ hs (Departure and return)
    Drop: 650 meter aprox.
    Level of demand: Medium, good physical condition is required.

    The tour begins at the farmhouse of Estancia Cristina in southeast direction with destinationto the inferior summit of Hill Carnero. The road shows the old paths of the old activities of livestock. Rams and sheep were lowered by men that worked in the farm and taken to the post “El Carnero” for pasture.
    The Carnero hill forms part of the “Cuchillo Cordon”, belonging to the pre Andean region; complex extrusive igneous rock (volcanic rock) formed during the Jurassic period (about 180 million years ago)This clearly visible at la Estancia, is the most ancient of National Park Los Glaciares.
    Through out the slope you will be able to view the farmhouse of the estancia and a full viewof the valley, which becomes more beautiful as we arise. After entering a forest of, lengas,and waterfalls we reach the inferior summit of Carnero Hill (650 m.s.n.m aprox.)
    From this glorious place you can contemplate besides the Andes Mountains and the glaciers that descend, as well as North glacier of Mayo hill, part of glacier Onelli, North Heim, glacier Bertrand, Bertachi and Cono. (These mentioned before are tributaries of the Upsala glacier). What is so stunning is the view of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and the Mariano Moreno range.
    Lunch will be served with this natural view and if the weather conditions allow it or somewhere more covered. Depending on the guide.
    We will descent at tan alternative path, boarding Cristina Canal of Lake Argentino until arriving La Estancia.

  • Hikking Cañadon de los fosiles
    Duration: 5 hs (Departure and Retrun).
    Dropl: Medium
    Level of demand: Medium-High. We recommend a good physical condition.

    For wheel drive crossing 4x4 of 9.5 km. through mountainous roads.
    Tour through a landscape that until recently was covered by glaciers and has a great geological interest.
    View of Lake Guillermo and of the stunning oriental front of Upsala Glacier, Southern patagonian ice and hills Murallón and Don Bosco.
    Descents through the Cañadón de los Fósilesarea where we can find fosiles, remains of the last marine ingression which has been ucovered by glacial action.Valley of unique characterisitics.
    This activity can not be performed by children under 7 years and children between 7 and 12 must be accompanied by their parents.
    It very important to bring the appropriate wardrobe for this kind of trek: comfortable clothes for walking, hiking shoes or rubber soled shoes and sun protection.
    The manager of Estancia Cristina or designee will determine whether passengers who have chosen this activity can actually participate in it.
Estancia Cristina
Estancia Cristina

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