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NOTE: In order to fish a special permit must be acquired in the Estancia or at the office administration of National Park. It is important to bring your own fishing equipment and only Fly Fishing. No other bate is permitted.

  • Caterina River
    Duration: 1 hour (Departure)
    Drop: Mild
    Level of demand: Low
    Requirement: Permit and fishing gear type Fly Fishing

    The river is only 8 km of length from its source in Lake Anita to its mouth on Lake Argentino, with wells and slides ideal for rainbow trout fishing (oncorhynchos mykiss).
    In the month of February the river transforms itself in a unique place for salmon fishing of the pacific or Chinook (oncorhynchus tshawytscha) species that enter the river to die.
    In the first stage of the Entrance of the river fishing is very interesting due to the fight these giants offer and we have obtained in the last two seasons specimens of 12 kilograms.
    Regarding rainbow specimens even though they are not so big in size the amount of them and the beauty of the river make it a unique place to be.

  • Laguna de la pesca
    Duration: 1 ½ hs. (Departure)
    Drop: Mild
    Level of demand: Low
    Requirement: Permit y fishing gear type Fly Fishing

    Walk to the end of the valley to the north, enjoying the flora and fauna of Glacier National Park. Ideal for fishing enthusiasts.
    While touring you will find interesting lagoons.
    You will reach Laguna de la Pesca fording streams and rivers.
    You can obtain Rainbow trout. Ideal to rest and contemplate the nature that surrounds us.
Estancia Cristina
Estancia Cristina

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