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El Glaciar
Estancia Cristina was founded in 1914 by Joseph Percival Masters, an Englishman who came to Patagonia with his wife in 1900. Having heard marvels about the Patagonian lands of Southern Argentina and being in search of a promising future, he decided to embark with his wife towards Buenos Aires, to later travel to Río Gallegos.
They soon found employment and had two kids: Percival Herbert Masters in 1902 and Elinor Cristina Masters in 1904. The Masters had for a long time heard about the territories situated near a great Lake called Argentino, where there were fine lands for cattle raising waiting for adventurous pioneers. After having saved some money, they started their journey from Río Gallegos towards the west. As time went by, Mr. Master was able to acquire a small rescue boat from a shipreck, with which he started to transport all his belongings -including cattle-, towards a sheltered place in the southern bank of the North Channel Square Bay (Bahía Escuadra). As the rough lake and winds prevented him from sailing with his tiny ship, he recovered and rebuilt an old steam boat which he baptized Cesar. It was in this way that he restarted to transport his possessions towards the Brazo Norte (north channel) of the Lago Argentino, known currently as Brazo Cristina. Mr Masters named his home Estancia Cristina in honour to his little daughter. They lived in tents set near the lake for the first year. Needless to say, the first years were times of hard work, effort and restraint. The estancia grew and had up to 22,000 hectares of land surrounded by glaciers, snow peaks and lakes of great natural beauty. Cattle then consisted of 27,000 sheeps, 30 cows and some 50 horses. When Mr. and Mrs. Masters died, the estancia went into Herbert´s hands, who was then married to Janet Mc Donald. Herbert died in 1984, leaving Janet to manage the property alone. Janet died in 1997. We nowadays keep well alive the history of this family who -with the effort and endurance common to every old pioneers- left an everlasting mark in this unique region.
Estancia Cristina
Estancia Cristina

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